MobileCast Live

Broadcast your event live online! MobileCast-Live makes high-definition broadcasting an affordable addition to any event, anywhere!

About Us

MobileCast Live is an internet-based broadcasting company located in Orlando, Florida. MCL offers the unique ability to broadcast high definition quality video from any location using our satellite-based communication. Our self-powered production vehicle allows us to broadcast from literally any place without restrictions. If you can imagine it, we can broadcast it… Live!

Our Services

MobileCast-Live is avaliable for a myriad of events including..

  • Private parties
  • Weddings
  • Sporting events
  • Corporate meetings
  • Presentations
  • Fundrasing
  • Concerts
  • Graduations
  • Distance learning
  • Ceremonies
  • Red carpet events
  • News feeds

MobileCast-Live gives you total control over every aspect of your event!

We can broadcast your event from any place you can imagine! With our mobile, satellite-based, production vehicle there are no limits to the location of your event. No power hookup or cable connection is necessary with our self-powered production vehicle!

Our full-production services are available for hire by the hour, day, and week-long.

MobileCast-Live gives you the ability to control your live video quality. Our broadband capabilities range in levels from 400k, all the way up to 1.2m for beautiful streaming video.

Limited budget? No problem! MobileCast-Live gives you options for multiple event types to fit your budget. Your event can be designated either a pre-paid/sponsored "Free Event" or "Pay-Per-View Event." With a "Pay-Per-View Event" you set the viewing price for your event!

The best part is- you have complete control over who sees your event! Invite only those you wish to view your event with our secure viewer-registration, or open your event to the public!

Our professional webdesigners will create a custom webpage exclusively for your event. We will design your page any way you wish! The ability to showcase advertisement and/or sponsor logos next to your video can add revenue to your event!

Contact one of our sales representatives at sales [at] mobilecast-live [dot] com and we will generate a custom quote for your event!

Contact Us

Mail :
719 W. Winter Park Street
Orlando, FL 32804

Phone : 407-376-8379
Email : support [at] mobilecast-live [dot] com